SAT-Scholastic Aptitude Test


United States colleges and universities will consider both the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and/or the ACT (American College Test) for college admissions. There are differences in the two tests, including the following: The SAT has verbal (reading, writing, vocabulary), and mathematics sections, while the ACT includes reading, mathematics, science, and writing. The SAT measures students' reasoning abilities, while the ACT is more skills based. Within the near future, the SAT is supposed to be revamped to be more like the ACT. The SAT is not administered widely in the Permian Basin area. The only SAT testing centers available in this area are at the Odessa College and U.T.P.B. testing centers. For more information on the SAT and how to register for the test, go to the following web site:

SAT 2016-2017