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Notes From the School Nurse:

When to keep my child home from school-English

When to keep my child home from school-Spanish


New Student Forms:

New Student Emergency/Health Forms


Immunizations: Students must be up to date on immunizations and provide the school nurse with copy of immunization records.

Immunization Checklist

Pre K Requirements

7th grade Requirements

Minimum State Requirements

Immunization Exemption FAQs


Vaccine Preventable Illness Updates


In the event that a student who is not fully immunized is exposed to measles (or if we have a case on a campus), by Texas state law, that student must be excluded from school a minimum of 21 days, even if they are not showing any symptoms. This exclusion period starts over with any new exposure or confirmed case. Please make sure your students are fully immunized to keep them protected from the measles, and in school so they can be prepared for college and career.



Medication: If there is a need for your child to take prescription or over-the-counter medication at school, please fill out a Medication Permit.

  • Medication must be in original container/package

  • Over-the-counter medication can be administered for a total of 3 consecutive days

  • Medication purchased in a foreign country cannot be given

  • No medication is prescribed by the school

  • Controlled medication (ex: Ritalin, Concerta, Focalin, Straterra or medications for pain control) or any prescribed medication for behavior will be sent home with student. Whenever possible these types of medications should be given at home. All medication of this type MUST be picked up from the clinic by a parent or legal guardian.

  • All prescribed controlled medication, medication prescribed for behavior control, or medication for pain control be delivered to the clinic by parent or legal guardian. McCamey ISD will not accept responsibility for these types of medications until they are delivered to the clinic.

  • Students are not allowed to carry and self administer any medication without Dr signature and release.


Medication Permit


Health Conditions: If your child has any of the following conditions that require medical care or interventions at school, please have your health care provider fill out forms and return to school nurse.  Forms need to be filled out annually before the beginning of each school year.

Asthma Action Plan

Self Administer Asthma

Food Allergy Emergency Action Plan

Self Administer Epinephrine Injector

Seizure Management Plan

Diabetes Management and Treatment Plan

Meningitis Information for Students & Parents


Vaping & E-Cigarettes: For Students and Parents

Texas DSHS Tobacco Prevention & Control Program

 The Real Cost of Tobacco

Talk with your teen about E Cigarettes: A Tip sheet for parents

CDC Quick Facts on the Risk of E-Cigarettes for kids, Teens, & Young Adults



Students must be Healthy to be educated and educated to be Healthy





Sara Molina BSN,RN

School Nurse

432-652-3666 Ext-342